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Phone mast signals give me headaches

Sábado 7 de julio de 2007 · 1507 lecturas

Phone mast signals give me headaches
By Diana Pilkington
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Mast of pain: Councillor David Dean says phone masts like the one behind give him terrible headaches WI14361
Modern technology is making life hell for one south London councillor, who suffers from a rare allergy to phone masts.

David Dean, a councillor for Merton’s Trinity ward, gets crippling headaches, double vision and waves of nausea whenever he is within 50 metres of a phone mast or Wi-Fi router.

He suffers from electromagnetic sensitivity and puts his condition down to his unusually thin skull, which he says allows the electromagnetic waves to enter his body with ease.

By wearing a special mesh hat to protect his head or by carrying a small box which scrambles the waves, Coun Dean can help alleviate the problem. But he says the proliferation of new masts nowadays makes it hard for him to avoid feeling the ill effects.

He said: "Going to Weir Road near Plough Lane where about 30 masts deliver multiple waves gives me a tremendous headache. The same is true at the top of Copse Hill where there are three masts. About 15 per cent of homes and most schools now have Wi-Fi routers too."

Coun Dean has become something of a campaigner on the subject.

He has been approached by various TV companies, but as they always require him to be interviewed under a mast, he constantly has a headache.

He said: "The scary thing is that if I am affected by Wi-Fi then probably some children will feel lethargic and nauseous as well. That’s hard to tell, but my advice to parents is to use wires rather than a wireless router.

"Mobile phones and internet connectivity are here to stay and I am comfortable with that. But there is a way to live with phone masts if their power is limited and their density managed. As for Wi-Fi, I would hope that it is banned in places where children go."

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