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ABC Sydney, 14/7/07

Un hombre destruye seis mástiles de telefonía con un tanque de la armada restaurado

Domingo 15 de julio de 2007 · 1151 lecturas

ABC Sydney, 14/7/07

Police question rampaging tank driver
Posted July 14, 2007 09:05:00

Map: Mount Druitt 2770
Police are continuing to question a man who allegedly used a restored army tank to go on a rampage through Sydney’s western suburbs overnight.

Police say the tank was used to destroy six mobile phone towers in a number of suburbs, including Mt Druitt, Emerton and Plumpton.

An electricity sub-station at Minchinbury was also destroyed.

Police Chief Inspector Guy Haberley says the driver was finally stopped when his tank stalled as he was driving towards another mobile phone tower.

"[It was] certainly unusual, however the best thing was that no public were significantly put into any danger," he said.

"The incident occurred between 2:00am and 3:35am, there was limited traffic on the roads and police patrolled it well and managed to avoid any damage to any public or to police."

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