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Excessive use of cellphones leads to mood changes, personality disorder’

Sábado 10 de mayo de 2008 · 2209 lecturas

Excessive use of cellphones leads to mood changes, personality disorder’
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Sameer Kumar Sharma

Ludhiana, May 09 "In a country that has about 30 crore cellphones, the harmful effects of EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) radiation are like an invisible plague. EMF radiation penetrates through anything, whether it is concrete, steel, glass, or body, when a cellphone rings."
According to health science researcher from Canada, Dr Howard Fisher, who has authored 11 books on the health, nutrition and effects of EMF radiations, everyone is affected by the radiations emanating from cellphone towers. As part of his tour to the country, Dr Fisher was in city to deliver a talk on the EMF radiations.

Says Dr Fisher, "India would soon need to answer the health concerns that stem from the excessive use of cellphones. In many cases, it has been found that the radiations induce symptoms of diabetes even when there is no such problem."

Backed with extensive research on the topic and also a book The Invisible Threat’, Dr Fisher added that the harmful effects that the use of cellphones has on human life not only leads to behavioural changes, but also neurological, physiological, cognitive and even carcinogenesis changes.

"There is a documented proof that reveals that not only do cellphones lead to sudden mood changes, personality disorder, depression and poor academic performance but it also promotes memory loss and decreases sperm count by 30 per cent with less strength to fertilise the egg," he cites from one of the studies he has made reference to in his book.

"From hearing problem (acoustic neuroma) to cancer to worsening impact in diseases like alziemers, Parkinson, lateral sclerosis, the potential health hazards posed by the cellphone use are numerous.

The researchers have shown through various x-rays of the head with and without cellphone use that the 60 per cent of the radiations penetrate right into the head. Not only this, those who talk on the cellphone right before going to sleep have lesser chances of sound sleep, he says.

"I do not mean to scare you with the figures but what I want to do is that people are aware of what potential threat they are playing around with. Researchers have now developed a technology called MRET (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology) that makes the radiation harmless on the body when the cellphone catches the signal. All I want is that people keep away from these effects of radiations piercing our environment 24x7."

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